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Thailand needs migrant workers now more than ever

Under the new law employers can be fined a maximum of 800,000 baht (US$23,800) for each undocumented migrant, while workers can be jailed for up to 5 years.

Ghosts of the Asian financial crisis still haunt Indonesia

In 1996, Southeast Asia was celebrating its ‘economic miracle’ as the World Bank lauded the region’s spectacular growth.

Is Bangkok trying to bend away from Beijing?

Since the military coup in 2014, Thai foreign policy has moved closer towards Beijing at the expense of its longstanding ties with Washington.

Are Trade agreements in ASEAN’s best interests ?

The United States and China view trade agreements like the TPP, RCEP and FTAAP as ways to limit each other’s ability to compete in their respective areas of interest. China, as a growing economic power, has an interest in leading the East Asian institutional architecture and needs to ensure that neither the United States nor Japan will dominate the region.

TMB Analytics forecasts 2017’s GDP at 3.5%

TMB Analytics forecasts that the country’s economy will grow by 3.5 percent in 2017, as risks remain in the global economy.

Thailand’s Industry confidence falls for eight consecutive months

Thailand's industry confidence index continued to decline in August for eight consecutive months as investors remained worry of the sluggish economy.

ASEAN Corner : New Bus Route Linking Thailand and Laos

With the ASEAN Economic Community AEC on the horizon, Thailand and Lao PDR have jointly opened a new bus route, linking both countries.The two countries have already opened four bridges along their transportation routes.
Phuket airport

Thai Tourism Products Score High in new Travel Poll

Altogether, a total of 61 Thai tourism industry products were listed in the poll rankings, some in the top ten and others in the top 25. The list was led by Phuket, which was ranked the second-best holiday destination in Asia. Bangkok ranked 4th best city for business and fifth in the top ten holiday destinations in Asia.