Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi called for more investment in her country to simply help create jobs as much as possible for ordinary people, which she said should not aggravate the problems of corruption and inequality in Myanmar.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Bangkok on Friday morning, the democracy icon reemphasized her determination to eradicate corruption and inequality in Myanmar while the country moves forward opening for more investment.

“We do not want more investment to mean more possibility for corruption. We do not want more investment to mean greater inequality and greater privileges for the already privileged,” she said.

Ms Suu Kyi reiterated the need to improve the quality of living of ordinary people, saying she wanted more investment to mean simply jobs–as many jobs as possible.

“There is a great need for basic skills,” she said. “We need vocational training much more than higher education,” she said.

The Myanmar opposition leader added that the international community should consider the country’s needs “in a very practical way.”

via Suu Kyi wants more investment in Myanmar to create jobs.

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