Burma grants amnesty, but steps up internet surveillance

The new set of directives to control Internet access in Burma includes a ban on the use of portable hard disks, USB flash drives and CDs in Internet cafés, and a ban on the use of Internet telephony (VoIP) services to call abroad.

Lessons for Japan, from the 2004 Tsunami in Thailand

But some of the most important lessons from 2004 could be useful to Japan, a country far richer and better prepared than the nations hit hardest in 2004–Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, and Sri Lanka–as it tries to rebuild its economy and environment, and prepare better for the next disaster.

Can Jasmine People’s Revolution replicate in Myanmar?

If international community is anticipating a replication of Jasmine people’s revolution (Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt) in the military-backed Asian nation of Myanmar, then it would certainly be a disappointment for them as it’s essentially a distant dream

Burmese sanctions likely to stay, despite ASEAN call

Author: Jane Ferguson, ANU Barely months after the highly controversial general elections in Burma, ASEAN has re-visited the issue of lifting international economic sanctions against the country of over 50 million people. Ostensibly intended to isolate the military regime and pressure the country to reform its totalitarian government and improve its humanitarian practices, sanctions arguably have not effected their intended results.

WikiLeaks says Burma is building nuclear site with North Korea

Burma is building secret nuclear and missile sites deep in the jungle with North Korea’s help, according to witnesses in the country cited in US diplomatic cables.

Thailand registers nearly one million undocumented migrants

The Thai government has helped legalize nearly one million previously undocumented labour…

PTT Group can sign natural-gas MoU with Burma

The PTT Group has received permission to sign a memorandum of understanding to purchase natural gas from Burma’s Zotica Block, as part of Thailand’s natural-gas supply plan.