Hello, shadowlands : inside Southeast Asia’s $100 billion dark economy

Organized crime in Southeast Asia has entered a golden age : now valued at $100 billion, this dark economy is expected within the next decade to hit $375 billion

Burma: Facebook blamed for its role in the Rohingya genocide

It took Facebook a year to take concrete measures to rein in the appalling online hate machine that contributed to the systematic of massacre of Rohingyas initiated by Myanmar’s armed forces on 25 August 2017.

Myanmar agriculture rebounds from a drought-induced contraction

The agriculture sector in Myanmar grew by 3.5% in FY 2017/18, which ended on March 31, rebounding from a drought-induced contraction recorded in FY 2016/17

Myanmar Allows Wholesale and Retail Trading for Foreign Companies

The Notification allows 100% foreign owned, as well as foreign and local joint-venture, companies to carry out wholesale and retail trading throughout Myanmar

China’s dominance remains in Myanmar despite democratic move

Beijing views Myanmar as an essential component of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), given Myanmar’s resource endowments and its location on the Indian Ocean.

Thai e-wallet service T2P closes $3m Series A led by J-Venture for Myanmar push

T2P Deep Pocket, Thailand’s e-wallet service provider, has closed a $3-million series A round led by J-Venture, the corporate venture capital arm of SET-listed mobile retailer JMART