Thailand might not be the world’s biggest rice exporter this year

Vietnam will eclipse Thailand as the world’s biggest rice exporter this year as the government’s pledging scheme artificially inflates Thai prices, exporters predicted.

Indian bureaucracy worst in Asia, Singapore best and Thailand in 3rd

Indian bureaucracy is the worst in Asia with a 9.21 rating out of 10, according to a report by a prestigious consulting firm based in Singapore.

Eight burmese journalists, freelancers and blogger freed under amnesty

Reporters Without Borders and its partner organization, the Burma Media Association, hail the release of a number of journalists and bloggers under an amnesty announced today.

ASEAN urges US and the European Union to end Myanmar sanctions

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) agreed to encourage the United States and the European Union to end their sanctions against Myanmar

Thailand needs to reform its educational system for 2015

The Ministry of Education declared that due to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, Thailand needs to reform its educational system. As neighboring countries are moving forward, Thailand has to increase its competitiveness in human resources as well.

Indonesia to develop Nuclear Power capacity

Plans are in place to develop Indonesia’s nuclear power capacity to overcome the country’s shortage of electricity and ease its dependence on hydrocarbons. However, some concerns remain as to the safety of atomic energy in a quake-prone region so soon after the disaster in Japan, with opponents to the scheme pushing alternative energy as the answer to Indonesia’s power needs.

Four Immediate Steps for the United States on Myanmar

On her trip to Myanmar, Hillary Clinton offered the Burmese government a few small carrots: The U.S. will allow Myanmar to join the Lower Mekong Initiative, which is a forum including Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the United States designed to discuss water issues and cooperation along the Mekong.

Vietnam may replace Thailand as the biggest rice exporter in 2012

With the overly high export prices, and the recent big floods which affected 70 percent of the storehouses and processing workshops, Thai rice exporters are worried that the rice export volume of the country would fall by a half in 2012. If this occurs, the position of the Number One rice exporter would be transferred to Vietnam.