Evercore Asia Chairman Stephen CuUnjieng on the Philippines & ASEAN competitiveness

Stephen CuUnjieng is the Chairman of Evercore Asia, a premier independent investment banking advisory firm. He spoke with The Prospect Group about today’s economic realities, ASEAN competitiveness, and his macroeconomic outlook for the Philippines and the region.

Quantum Hotels & Resorts President on tourism and the hotel industry in the Philippines

John Cole is the President of Quantum Hotels and Resorts. He spoke with The Prospect Group about tourism in the Philippines, the hotel industry in the Makati area of Metro Manila, and the One Pacific Place property.

Philippines and Vietnam have strongest growth prospects in SEA Countries

Among the large developing Southeast Asian economies, the Philippines and Vietnam have the strongest growth prospects, both expected to grow by more than 6 percent in 2016

Philippine Chamber President on the Philippines growth story & upcoming ASEAN integration

Alfredo M. Yao is the President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI), the voice of business in the Philippines. He spoke with The Prospect Group about the upcoming economic integration of ASEAN countries, the Philippines growth story, and potential for the future.

CreditBPO Founder & CEO Lia Francisco on how credit ratings can increase access to bank loans & financing for SMEs

What is the vision behind CreditBPO and the SME Credit Rating Report?…

Philippines 2016 : Opportunities and Roadblocks for Foreign Investors

The Philippines is actively generating increasing amounts of FDI, capitalizing on our demographic dividend that provides us with young and energetic new workers aged 20 to 45.

Ford sales in ASEAN rose 3.3% in 2015

The overall retail sales of Ford Motor Company for the ASEAN region rose 3.3 percent to a record 103,975 units in last year from a year earlier.

Philippines must Improve its FDI performance

Data from the Asian Development Bank shows that Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam have attracted large amounts of FDI over the past two to three decades.