Asian students are vital to the health of Australian universities

Over 170,000 international student visa holders are stuck outside Australia, unable to enter because of travel bans.

Australia boosting cybersecurity cooperation within Asian countries

They are now working in tandem with other Asian countries such as Singapore and China in a bid to tackle cybercrime within the Asia Pacific region.

Australia rises to second most popular Asia-Pacific HQ destination

Between 2015 and 2016, the number of headquarter projects going into Australia increased by 46.66%, equating to a market share of 18.18%

Securing Employees’ Financial Futures in Asia

Employees in Asia worry about their future financial state; and one in four say financial problems negatively impact their lives.

Asia Update: Top Five Stories for the Week

Asia update. In Thailand, the connection between the film and revolution is much more overt—several student protesters have been detained for using a three-finger salute, a symbol of resistance in the movie.

Thailand most dangerous destination for Australian travelers

Thailand is one of the nation’s favourite overseas holiday destinations – but the popular family playground has a darker side. Figures reveal the South-East Asian kingdom is the deadliest destination for Aussies.

Australia Feels the Sting of China Slowdown

The move by Australia’s central bank to lower interest rates from October 3 is the latest sign of pessimism about the prospects of the China-led resources boom.

Obama’s Trip hints at US focus on Asia

On his first foreign trip since Tuesday’s election, US President Barack Obama is planning a historic visit to encourage reforms in Burma – seen as a key success during his first term – and he’ll also go to Thailand and Cambodia.