Australia boosting cybersecurity cooperation within Asian countries

They are now working in tandem with other Asian countries such as Singapore and China in a bid to tackle cybercrime within the Asia Pacific region.

Australia rises to second most popular Asia-Pacific HQ destination

Between 2015 and 2016, the number of headquarter projects going into Australia increased by 46.66%, equating to a market share of 18.18%

Securing Employees’ Financial Futures in Asia

Employees in Asia worry about their future financial state; and one in four say financial problems negatively impact their lives.

Asia Update: Top Five Stories for the Week

Asia update. In Thailand, the connection between the film and revolution is much more overt—several student protesters have been detained for using a three-finger salute, a symbol of resistance in the movie.

Thailand most dangerous destination for Australian travelers

Thailand is one of the nation’s favourite overseas holiday destinations – but the popular family playground has a darker side. Figures reveal the South-East Asian kingdom is the deadliest destination for Aussies.

Australia Feels the Sting of China Slowdown

The move by Australia’s central bank to lower interest rates from October 3 is the latest sign of pessimism about the prospects of the China-led resources boom.

Obama’s Trip hints at US focus on Asia

On his first foreign trip since Tuesday’s election, US President Barack Obama is planning a historic visit to encourage reforms in Burma – seen as a key success during his first term – and he’ll also go to Thailand and Cambodia.

European wheat futures reach new highs

European wheat futures rose for a sixth straight session to set new contract highs on Wednesday, supported by a sharp rise in US futures in Chicago and buying linked to hopes of brisk European exports.