abhisit and yingluck poster

Poll shows support for Yingluck drops 10 points

If there was an election today, Puea Thai would still win the race, but with a narrower majority : 41% instead of 48% for the 2011 elections, shows a Bangkok University Poll which surveyed 1,234 people throughout Thailand between June 18-20.

Thai rice pledging, moisture content, and corruption

To receive the full 15,000 baht/tonne, the paddy must not hold more than 15% moisture content. If the moisture measuring device is rigged to show higher moisture content, the weight of paddy is deducted at 15kg per tonne for every 1% moisture level over the 15% limit.

Media report on the death of Amphon Tangnoppakul (aka Uncle SMS)

A Thai man in his 60s who became known as “Uncle SMS” after he was convicted of defaming Thailand’s royal family in mobile phone text messages has died while serving his 20-year prison term, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Press Review on the Iranian bomber in Bangkok

Bangkok Pundit has a fairly exhaustive press review of the bombing in Sukhumvit 71 (Phrakanong or Soi Pridi if you are Thai).

Thailand asks Facebook to block 60,000 accounts on lese majesté charges

Thailand’s ICT Ministry told Facebook to block more accounts with suspected lèse majesté contents: 26,000 URL in Aug-Sept and 60,000 URL in Oct-[Nov]. Local Facebook users risk violating the computer law unknowingly by pressing the “like” or “share” button included with posted comment on anti-monarchy messages on Facebook, Thailand’s Information and Communication Technology Minister Anudith Nakornthap said.

Red Shirts protesters charged with sedition

The 18 Red shirts leaders were accused of violating Articles 112 and 116 of Thailand’s Criminal Code by allegedly violating the monarchy with their speeches..

Shortages of staples looms in Thailand

Anasuya Sanyal for  Channel News Asia : Thailand faces shortages of staples as the global cost of food skyrockets; the country faces shortages of cooking oil and sugar due to government price controls and hoarding.

Thailand’s minimum wage challenged by Rising Inflation

Finance Minister Korn has previously spoken about a big increase in the minimum wage and then no increases for 5 years so perhaps that is how they may sell it to employers together with decreases in taxes for businesses.* Actually, BP sees the talk of increasing the minimum wage and other measures as a way to balance out the increasing food prices which is becoming a bigger political issue for the government as time goes on.