Academic lambasts Thailand’s digital stimulus plan

Dozens of high-profile economists, including two former national bank chiefs, have come out against the stimulus scheme.

How to Promote a Sustainable and Resilient Long-term Growth in Thailand

Thailand faces structural challenges in revitalizing long-term growth, including a large informal sector, an aging society, infrastructure gaps, and the need to address geoeconomic shifts and climate change risks.

Thai mobile banking applications are safe (TBA)

The Thai Bankers’ Association assures customers that banking applications are secure and stable, with facial scanning required for transactions over 50,000 baht.

Thai economy continued to recover in September 2023 (BoT)

The Bank of Thailand expects improvements in economic growth for the country in the third quarter, driven by increased private consumption and a recovery in the tourism sector.

Singapore to start taxing foreign sourced income from 2024

Singapore will start taxing foreign-sourced capital gains from 2024, marking a significant shift in its tax system.

Digital wallet scheme to be postponed until next September

Disbursement of Bt10,000 digital money may be delayed until September 2022 using existing “pao tang” application.

Labour Ministry Plans to Increase Minimum Wage to Bt400 by December

The Ministry of Labour considers raising minimum wage to maximum of 400 baht per day, based on economic situation and inflation.