Mama noodles join list of price controlled goods

The Commerce Ministry has announced a new decision to include ready-to-eat food in its list of goods with controlled prices. Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom said

Thailand raises minimum wage

Thailand’s Wage Committee raised the daily minimum wage of 8-17 baht, with the highest rise of 17 baht in the tourism province of Phuket and 9 baht rise in the capital of Bangkok.

Townhouses and condominium sales boomed in Thailand

Townhouses and condominium sales boomed while single houses priced from 3-5 million baht were the best sellers in Greater Bangkok during the first half of this year, according to a survey by the property management company Plus Property Co.

Value of registered foreign businesses decreased 25% in Thailand

Foreign businesses registered in Thailand plunged 25 per cent in the first half of the year, to a value of Bt1.2 billion, the Business Development Department reported yesterday. The recent political unrest was given as the main reason.

Thai mutual funds seek PM’s explanation on political and economic situation

Institutional investors from more than 20 Thai mutual funds and insurance companies…

Thailand’s Special Police to probe accumulation of war weapons

The Department of Special Investigation will conduct a probe into how a…

Violence to drag down Thai business registrations

Deputy Commerce Minister Alongkorn Ponlaboot yesterday said the political clashes would result…

Free trade talks between Thailand and European Union likely this year

Thailand is expected to start a first round of negotiations toward a…