Thailand’s streak without local infections continues

The novel coronavirus has killed 58 people in Thailand since it was first detected in January, while 3,038 patients have recovered.

When the Weekend Isn’t Really the Weekend: Is Flexible Working the Future?

People all around the planet work in different patterns and for varying amounts of time. For example, in France the legal working week is 35 hours long while in Colombia and Turkey the working week is over 47 hours.

Living in Thailand, a Guide for Expats

Many expats whose companies have transferred them to Thailand often live near their workplaces. But, if you are planning to look for jobs once you relocate to the country, you can try different locations first.

Thailand’s Economic Front in Fighting COVID-19

Thailand, which has received praises for its performance in containing the COVID-19 outbreak, has since 3 May 2020 gradually relaxed restrictions on local travel and certain types of business, while implementing strict social distancing rules.

Coronavirus to Accelerate ASEAN Banks’ Digital Transformation

The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting social distancing phenomena are likely to spur banks across south-east Asia to speed up their digital transformation strategies, says Fitch Ratings

Thailand Vs Asia: Gambling Laws Comparison

Whereas Singapore and The Philippines have lax gambling laws, Thailand has some of the strictest gambling laws in Southeast Asia. Betting on horse racing and the government-sponsored lottery are the only two forms of legal gambling in the country.

Lazada and Aspire partner to provide online merchants with immediate access to working capital during the COVID-19

In this partnership with Lazada, Aspire is offering working capital loan of up to 20,000 THB within 3 hours of application – a departure from the weeks’ long industry standard timeline normally offered by traditional Banks.

EU donates €350 million to fight Covid-19 in ASEAN countries

EU mobilises €350 million to assist the ASEAN region in fight against the coronavirus