GM Expands Manufacturing Footprint in Thailand and Southeast Asia

General Motors today opened a new state-of-the-art diesel engine plant in Rayong, Thailand. The USD 200 million THB 6 billion facility, which is adjacent to the automaker’s vehicle manufacturing plant, represents GM’s most significant powertrain investment in Southeast Asia.

China and the World Bank explore sustainable economic growth

In next 10 years, however, Zoellick said he could not imagine China continuing to rely on exports for growth, especially when developed economies have had difficulties recovering

Fragility of the Chinese Mind

I’m writing this entry out of frustration, because to be honest I’ve just been amazed by the behaviour of many Chinese recently. As I mentioned in my last entry, amid the ongoing radiation fears following the earthquake in Japan that crippled several nuclear reactors at the Fukushima plant, residents in major cities including Beijing and Shanghai rushed out to buy iodized salt. Why?