Thailand and Hong Kong start cross-border QR payment linkage

Thailand and Hong Kong have established a cross-border QR payment link, enhancing financial connectivity between the two regions.

China poised to strengthen its leading position in renewable energy in Asia

Chinese companies have made significant investments in energy projects across developing Asian countries, with a focus on coal and gas projects, but a recent trend shows the shelving and cancellation of many planned coal projects in Southeast Asia.

Zipmex Thailand suspends trading until January 31 2024

Zipmex Thailand has temporarily suspended digital asset trading until January 31, 2024, in order to comply with the criteria set by Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission.

Thai Stock Exchange to Implement Short Selling Restrictions

The SET may reimpose the “uptick” rule, requiring short sales to take place at a higher price than the stock’s last trading price if it is down 10% or more, to address concerns about naked short selling.

Analyzing the global semiconductor industry and potential strategies for Thailand

Thailand has the potential to become a significant player in the semiconductor industry through the relocation of production facilities and increased investments, but Thai companies must embrace change and strengthen their capabilities to adapt to evolving demands.

Binance partners with Gulf Energy to launch digital asset exchange in Thailand

Gulf Binance, a joint venture between Binance and Gulf, has obtained digital asset operator licenses from Thailand’s Ministry of Finance

Kasikorn Bank Buys Majority Stake in Satang Crypto Exchange

Kasikorn Bank’s acquisition of a majority stake in Satang Corporation solidifies its presence in the cryptocurrency sector and demonstrates its commitment to capturing a significant share of the market in Thailand.

A new class of digital services is fueling significant success in the Asia Pacific region

The rapid development of digital services in the Asia Pacific region is transforming international trade for developing countries.