The Fiscal Policy Committee of the Bank of Thailand voted 6 to 1 to maintain the policy rate at two percent due to slower economic recovery, said Mr Methi Supapong, secretary of the committee.

He said that a member of the committee would like the policy rate to be slashed by another 0.25 percent with the hope that the lower policy rate would help stimulate economic recovery.

The committee projects sustained economic recovery in 2015, and deems that the current monetary policy is sufficiently accommodative and does not hinder the ongoing recovery. The stance is also consistent with long‐term financial stability.

said the Bank of Thailand official statement

The committee, he added, has assessed that Thai economy for the third quarter  has the tendency to expand below projection due to slow recovery of consumption, lower than expected government spending and weak exports while global economy has expanded less than projection although the US economy has improved but economy of Japan and Europe remains weak.


The committee expected that exports will pick up next year in accordance with global economic expansion, said Mr Methi, adding that the Bank of Thailand would have to review its economic assessment next year if exports fail to pick up and government spending slows down.

The global economic recovery was slightly weaker than expected, with greater growth differentials across regions. The US economy continued to recover steadily, while recovery in the euro area and Japan remained tepid, with risks of a further slowdown.

said the Bank of Thailand official statement

Deposit Rates for Individuals of Commercial Banks as of 5 November 2014
Bank Saving Fixed
3 mths 6 mths 12 mths 24 mths
Commercial Banks registered in Thailand
Bangkok Bank 0.5000-1.2500 1.1250-1.2500 1.3750 1.7500 1.8750
Krung Thai Bank 0.5000 1.1000-1.2500 1.5500 1.7500 1.9500
Kasikornbank 0.5000 1.1000-1.1500 1.3500-1.4000 1.7000 1.9000
The Siam Commercial Bank 0.5000 1.1000-2.4500 1.3500-1.4000 1.7000 1.9000
Bank of Ayudhya 0.4000 1.1000-1.2500 1.3500-1.5000 1.7500 1.9000
TMB Bank 0.1250-1.2500 1.0000-1.2500 1.2500 1.5000-2.3000 1.7500-2.3800
United Overseas Bank (Thai) Company Ltd. 0.4500 1.1000-1.2000 1.3500-1.4000 1.7000-1.7500 1.8500
CIMB THAI Bank 0.5000 1.4000 1.7500 2.0000 2.3000
Standard Chartered Bank (Thai) 0.5000-2.5000 1.2500-1.5000 1.5000-1.7500 1.7500-2.0000 2.0000-2.2500
Thanachart Bank 0.5000-1.0000 1.1250-1.2500 1.5500 1.7500 1.9500
TISCO Bank 0.7500-2.0000 2.1500-2.5000 2.2500-2.6000 2.4000-2.6500 2.5500-2.7500
Mega International Commercial Bank 0.5000 1.5000-1.6000 1.7500-1.8500 2.0000-2.1000
Kiatnakin Bank 0.7500 2.1000-2.2500 2.2000-2.3500 2.3500-2.5000 2.5000-2.6500
Land and Houses Bank 0.6250-1.6000 2.4000-2.5000 2.5000-2.6000 2.8500-2.9500 3.0000
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thai) 0.6250-2.7000 2.4500 2.6000 2.7000 2.8500
The Thai Credit Retail Bank 0.8500 2.5000 2.7500 2.9000 3.0000
Bank of China (Thai) 0.8500 1.8750-2.1250 1.8750-2.1250 2.0000-2.2500 2.1250-2.3750

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