The Board of Investment (BOI) today announced measures to help manufacturers affected by flooding. Operators can immediately move machinery and raw materials out of flood-affected areas to prevent damage, and can seek BOI help every day.

Ms. Atchaka Sibunruang, Secretary-General of the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI), said that the BOI has introduced an urgent flood relief measure to help BOI-promoted projects. Investors can immediately move machinery and raw materials out of plants or flood-affected and risk areas to prevent possible damage to these resources.

Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, secretary general of the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI)
Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, secretary general of the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) said that the BOI has introduced an urgent flood relief measure to help BOI-promoted projects

BOI-promoted companies can contact BOI office for help every day, including weekends. For agricultural and light industries, contact Khun Sithee Tanboonteck 0 2553 8298; metal parts and machinery industries contact Khun Anin Meksuksai 0 2553 8294; electronics and electrical appliances call Khun Tanavadee Khuvasanont 0 2553 8366; chemicals, paper, plastic, infrastructure and services call Khun Wuttichai Pisatphen 0 2553 8167.

The new measure will be added into the BOI’s existing flood relief measures, which cover the entire country. A major part of the existing measure is the provision of import duty exemption on machinery imported to replace that damaged by flooding.


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  1. Good everning.
    We would like to know what are the efforts taken to flush out the water? When can we move in to clean up, how long it will take based on the plans by local authority and the relevant agency?
    We have temporaryly suspended operation till end of this year?
    Now the issue is what to do with the workers( retrench/hold/teminate), if we hold the cost will be very high, but we dont have any revenue,only expenses!
    What is your advice and how you can minimize our loses?
    Suria/deputy Managing director Polymatech.

  2. Good afternoon.
    We are parts and component manufacturer for automotive and audio maker. Our factory is in bad effected by flood( water inside the factory is 1.5~2.0m) 100% of all our machinery( Press machine, injection machine,Robot spray coating, laser. sceen printing, pad printing,hotstamping, heatmelting, gate cutting, assembly line, auto assemble machine, quality control equipment, facilities-clean room) as been damaged and cannot be used.
    We have to remake all our toolings, jigs and fixtures to support the customer( in total about 100toolings-200million baht) again for our customer and make arrangement to purchase new machinery and relocate the line to other country to avoid line down/or already down.
    currently some of bussiness has been pulled and transfered to other suppliers in Malaysia/indonesia and japan. This is a total lost.
    Estimated machinery that we need to purchase is about 640million baht.
    This cost doent include cleaning and reastablihing the facilities and line and all the manpower needed to support.
    We have to send almost 50 staff to oversea to support the set up for 3 months which will cost us almost 20million baht.
    This is a major desaster and how can BOI/Thai goverment help us.
    Suria/Deputy managing Director.

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