Thai Auto sales in May hit a record high of more than 115,000 units, a 107.6 per cent increase, Toyota Motor Thailand Senior Vice President Wuttikorn Suriyachantananon said.

Total auto sales in May were recorded at 115,943 units, including 55,983 sedans, an increase of 137.5 per cent, 59,960 vehicles for commercial purposes, an increase of 85.8 per cent.

automobile export
Thai Auto sales in May hit a record high of more than 115,000 units, a 107.6 per cent increase,

Automotive sales in May hit a record high monthly sales volume, resulting from the popularity of new auto models and the government’s supportive measures. Moreover, production capacity of all automakers has returned to normal, so they can now deliver more cars to customers, Mr Wuttikorn said.

Pick-up trucks in particular rose 89.4 per cent to 52,155 units.

Cumulative sales in the first five months totaled 483,052 units, an increase 33.5 per cent year-on-year.  The market for sedans and vehicles for commercial purposes grew 22.6 per cent and 42.2 per cent respectively due to favourable domestic economic conditions with a high auto demand registered since the beginning of this year.

The market trend in June is likely to grow constantly and the economic crisis in the euro zone countries may not have a direct impact on the Thai economy, but the situation must be closely monitored. (MCOT online news)

via Auto sales in May hit record high.

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