Thailands Board of Investment BOI on Friday approved rehabilitation privileges for 11 projects following last years flood, worth over Bt5.2 billion. Industry Minister Pongsawat Svasti said after the subcommittee met to considering flood-response investment promotions to boost restoration after the mega flood.

Thailands Board of Investment BOI
Thailands Board of Investment BOI approved rehabilitation privileges for 11 projects following last years flood

The 11 companies included Pepsi-Cola Thai Trading with a Bt2.3 billion business expansion as a new project in Ayutthaya, Thai Glico with a Bt250 million business expansion for snacks in Pathum Thani for higher domestic demand and exports, Nidec Machinery Thailand with a Bt3.8 million investment for machinery used in the electronics industry in Pathum Thani, B.S. Kamiya for metal enameling in the autoparts industry with a Bt60 million investment at its same location in Ayutthaya.

Companies producing electronics and metal parts for hard disk drives were also approved. Shin-ei Precision Thailand at Bt327 million, and Section Technologies Thailand at Bt1.1 billion, both in Ayutthaya province.

via Investment body approves 11 rehabilitation projects from last years flood.

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