Just over a month ago I left my personal Facebook page behind. I cannot tell you how freeing that has been and how that has radically changed my perspective about social networking, social media, and it’s impact and effect on community and relationships as well as human-computer interaction. Heck, I could probably write a book about it.

facebook pay me

But, I kept the TentBlogger Fan Page up thinking that I’d continue using that (even though I wasn’t really engaging heavily there at all). I knew that the Fan Page was incredibly weak in terms of engagement and the metrics surrounding the traffic numbers have been historically paltry.

Well, no !@#$ sherlock. What I had thought was just a result of the broken medium turns out to be an actual “feature” planned by Facebook.

You see, the fact is that Facebook limits the distribution of your content on your fan page unless you pay them money to distribute it fully to your fans:

via The Reason I’m Closing Down Our Facebook Fan Page – TentBlogger.

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