Six corporate groups have won bids to prepare conceptual plans on Thailand’s water resources management  which will cost the country Bt350 billion US$11.7 billion, according to Deputy Prime Minister Plodprasop Suraswadi. Mr Plodprasop, in his capacity as chairman of the Water and Natural Disaster Management Committee, said eight corporate groups joined the auction and selection of the six winners was approved by the cabinet on Tuesday. 

The six groups consist of 15 Thai firms and 16 international companies, he said, adding that the committee intentionally wanted a mixture of Thai and foreign companies. Thai companies are more knowledgeable on Thailand’s geography and water resources channels while overseas firms are experienced and apply technology in water management, the deputy premier said.

Thai Government says it attaches great importance to disaster preparedness
Thai Government says it attaches great importance to disaster preparedness and has undertaken precautionary measures to handle emergency situations.

The foreign companies are based in China, Japan and Korea. The six corporate groups will propose details on construction and technical aspects, time frame and expense for another auction in April when bid winners will be announced by a selection committee to be specially set up for the purpose. The selection committee will work closely with a consultant firm which will be in charge of supervising construction of all the projects, Mr Plodprasop said. The six corporate groups which won bids for the conceptual plans are Korea Water Resources Corporation K. Water, Japan-Thai Joint Business Group, ITD Power China JV, Thailand Team Joint Business Group, Summit SUT Joint Business Group and Loxley Joint Business Group.

Two groups which failed in the bids are China CAMC Engineering Co and Consortium TKC Global from Korea. The projects involve construction of reservoirs along major rivers from northern Thailand to the central region, development of agricultural and irrigation zones, construction of floodways and flood diversion channels and improvements to the flood warning system.  MCOT online news

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