A total of a million people have registered to join the government’s Chim-Shop-Chai (Taste-Shop-Spend) program, under which each of them will receive a 1,000 baht giveaway to be spent between September 27th and November 30th, on the first day.

The Chim-Shop-Chai program is aimed at promoting domestic tourism.

The third day of registration for allowances in the Chim Shop Chai campaign today, began at midnight on www.ชิมช้อปใช้.com, after which all 1 million of the daily quota were taken by 6:18 this morning.

10 million persons will be able to register themselves to receive a 1,000 baht allowance each in the government’s electronic money mobile application. The allowance can be used for eligible purchases from 26th September following an application update.

The registration quota is limited to a million persons daily. Once registered, an SMS is sent to applicants who are required to confirm their identity within three days.

An eligible person in this campaign must be a Thai citizen holding a valid ID card, be 18 years old or more, and have an eligible smartphone able to install the app. The registration period will end on 15th November 2019, or when the 10 million total quota is reached.

The registration yesterday, which was the second day of the registration period, had its 1 million persons daily quota reached at 8:11 a.m.

The government has set a target of ten million registered people as part of the economic stimulus package expected to drive the economic growth rate to 3.6% this year.

Once a person has registered via the website of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, he or she will get a text message within three days. The 1,000 baht handout will be wired into their bank accounts one hour after they spend at shops registered to join the program via the “Pao Tung” application.

The 1,000 baht must be spent within two weeks of registration confirmation by SMS text message.

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