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How I Started My Online Entertainment Business -Case Study

We all are aware that the internet has taken over everything. Hence, I could not think of a better business option than an online entertainment business



Creating my own online entertainment business was an experience of a lifetime. The online entertainment industry comprises of series, shows as well as online games. These online games include some gambling sites as well. 

How Did Everything Start?

We all are aware that the internet has taken over everything. Hence, I could not think of a better business option than an online entertainment business. This service facilitates the user to engage in entertainment and play games in a better way.

The website had to be designed in a way that appeals to the users. The users should find it pretty easy and straightforward to navigate through the website. This urge of doing a little business out of online entertainment led me to create a website. 

How to Get Content?

Getting content for an online entertainment business website is very important. It is one of the most crucial steps in the success of a business. Given below are some levels of getting the right content.

  1. Get the purpose of your website right: This is the first and foremost step in creating an online entertainment business website. The creator should know what kind of site is to be developed to get the design of the website correct. The website should satisfy all the demands of the user as this shall get maximum benefits to the owner.
  2. Plan the design of the pages: For every website, the most important thing is the web pages it has. The design of these web pages determines how attractive your website will be. There are several types of web pages, like static and dynamic. The static web pages provide information. However, dynamic web pages are interactive. This will make your content more attractive and engaging.
  3. Have potentially placed ‘Call-to-Action’ Buttons: The ‘Call-to-Action’ buttons are those which let the user directly contact the owner of the web page. This is one of the most beautiful elements of content. The user can click on a button, and then that will lead to a link which will establish contact between the client and the service provider.
  4. Please select the most engaging pictures: The pictures to be displayed on the website form a vital part of it. If the images are that great, any user visiting the website will be curious to know more about the entertainment service and get engaged with it.
  5. The textual content should be gripping: Sometimes, we come across websites which have massive walls of text, and that does not attract the visitors. There should be brief but insightful text which reflects the whole structure, purpose and the benefits of using your website.

How to Attract People? 

Online computer browsing
Attracting people to my website and getting them to play games through my website was a real task

Attracting people to my website and getting them to play games through my website was a real task. There were several advertising techniques used.   

  1. Social media publicity: This is the age of social media. There are several social media platforms which allow advertising. Promoting my website on these sites was truly helpful. This does not require a lot of funds and is easily doable. 
  2. Celebrity endorsements: Once my business grew, I decided to rope in a celebrity to endorse my website. This was very instrumental as personalities are widely famous. Of course, this needed more funds than social media marketing, but it was worth the investment.
  3. Creative advertising: There are loads and loads of websites which are already present in the market and the competition is tough. So, I turned to creative advertising. Applying creativity in designing and circulating the advertisements was of great use.
  4. Deliver quality content: Last but not least, it is easy to attract people but difficult to keep them hooked. So, the key to this is providing good quality content. If the material lacks quality and exclusiveness, you will lose the clients.  

Primary Source of My Income

We all are concerned about the sources of income when we start an online entertainment business. There are several ways to earn this income, like advertising for another website on your website and providing paid services. Promoting a service is very important for all sites. Hence, you can offer this service of publicity to other websites and earn from that. So to sum up, our main income sources are some legal gambling and betting partners like GClub and 918kiss

All the Pros and Cons of My Business 

There are various pros and cons which can be discussed here to give you an insight into my business.


  • I can provide entertainment to people through games.
  • I earn handsomely through paid promotions and paid services. 


  • As we live in a competitive world, frequent updates are required. 


Creating an online entertainment website is relatively easy and exciting. If you invest your time, money and efforts smartly, you can get guaranteed results. There are several websites in the market like จีคลับ which you can refer to. 

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