Honda and Thailand collaborate to boost electric vehicle production

Honda executives met with the Thai government to discuss supporting electric vehicle production. The company plans to increase production of EVs and BEVs in Thailand next month.

Analyzing the global semiconductor industry and potential strategies for Thailand

Thailand has the potential to become a significant player in the semiconductor industry through the relocation of production facilities and increased investments, but Thai companies must embrace change and strengthen their capabilities to adapt to evolving demands.

Thailand’s GDP to grow by 2.5% in 2023, down from 3% forecast

Thailand’s GDP growth for this year is projected to be 2.5%, down from the earlier projection of 3%, primarily due to a contraction in exports and reduced government sector consumption.

Thailand Growth falls behind regional peers

Thailand’s economic growth has been sluggish compared to its regional peers, such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Government seeks approval for digital wallet scheme loan

Government consulting Council of State on legality of 500 billion baht loan bill to fund digital money handout scheme, aiming to stimulate economy through micro-investments.

How to Promote a Sustainable and Resilient Long-term Growth in Thailand

Thailand faces structural challenges in revitalizing long-term growth, including a large informal sector, an aging society, infrastructure gaps, and the need to address geoeconomic shifts and climate change risks.

Digital Wallet Scheme Aimed at Boosting Businesses and Stimulating the Economy

The scheme is expected to create job opportunities and directly benefit 2.4 million SMEs. The implementation of the digital wallet scheme is advised to begin in April to maximize its impact.