This week’s biggest China tech news stories swayed towards apps and mobile, startup insights, and e-commerce figures. Here’s our top seven list:

1. Report: Nearly 35% of Chinese Android apps are secretly stealing private data

A new report from China’s awkwardly-named Data Center of China Internet (DCCI) shows that the country’s Android landscape of third-party app stores is a bit of a wild west. See lots more alarming stats on what else these apps are snooping upon.

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2. China’s top e-commerce sites saw 600% growth in mobile shopping last year

Alibaba-owned e-stores Taobao and Tmall are finally seeing China’s shift to m-commerce kicking in. In 2011, a mere 1.77 percent of purchases were made on mobile on the sites, but that rocketed up in new data for 2012.

3. Why China can’t make its own mobile OS

China’s tech ministry, MIIT, recently warned of China’s huge dependence on Android, so this is now a hot-button issue. We translated three excellent insights from a seasoned tech Chinese reporter. After reading, join the debate in the comments.

4. 15 web entrepreneurs under 30 doing awesome stuff in China

Producing some sweet web products across gaming, social, and e-commerce, there are a lot of exciting ventures created by young entrepreneurs on this list.

5. ‘Despite all the money, I’m not happy’: Startup lessons from Sohu CEO Charles Zhang

The founder and CEO of one of China’s top web portals explained this week that, despite the riches and success, he feels “miserable”. Though tempted to whip out our tiny violins, it’s actually an interesting insight into the entrepreneurial drive and spirit.

6. Alibaba appoints Jonathan Lu as new CEO, will take Jack Ma’s desk on May 10

Probably the most significant and long-lasting news of the week was actually this big corporate reshuffle at the afore-mentioned Alibaba. It’s especially important as the company will likely head towards China’s biggest-ever tech IPO later this year.

7. Report: Samsung still dominates in China, sold 30 million phones in 2012

Korean gadget-maker Samsung is once again China’s top smartphone brand, mainly thanks to its mix of premium and affordable Android devices. Check out the other brands in the top five list of China sales.

BONUS: Check out the numbers on China’s top 10 social media sites (Infographic)

Because you’ve all been very good this week and eaten up your vegetables, here’s a new infographic with the latest (massive) numbers on China’s social media scene.

That’s all for this week, folks! For our full spread of China coverage, you might like to subscribe to our China RSS feed.

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