Forbes has released its 20th annual ranking of the world’s top-performing conglomerates for the year 2023.

JP Morgan secured the first position for the first time since 2011, followed by Saudi Aramco and three Chinese state-owned banks led by ICBC.

Key Takeaways

  • The Global 2000 list includes 17 Thai companies, with PTT Plc leading the pack at rank 238.
  • JP Morgan has secured the top position in Forbes’ ranking of the world’s top-performing conglomerates for 2023 based on revenue, profit, assets, and market value.
  • China has the second-highest representation on the list with 356 companies, followed by Thailand with 17 companies.

The ranking encompasses companies from 58 countries, with the US having the highest representation of 611 companies, followed by China with 356 companies. Thailand has 17 companies honored on this year’s list. The selection criteria are based on four factors: revenue, profit, assets, and market value.

Thai companies included in the Global 2000 list for 2023

1. PTT Plc (rank 238)

2. Kasikorn Plc (rank 848)

3. SCB X Plc (rank 874)

4. Siam Cement Plc(rank 877)

5. CP All Plc (rank 930)

6. Bangkok Bank Plc (rank 1,036)

7. Krung Thai Bank Plc (rank 1,113)

8. Indorama Ventures Plc(rank 1,190)

9. Thai Beverage Plc (rank 1,374)

10. Thai Oil Plc (rank 1,391)

11. Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc (rank 1,406)

12. Siam Makro Plc (rank 1,438)

13. PTT Global Chemical Plc (rank 1,484)

14. Advanced Info Service Plc (rank 1,485)

15. Banpu Plc (rank 1,644)

16. Airports of Thailand Plc (rank 1,758)

17. TMB Bank Plc (rank 1,811)

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