Thailands second largest operator, DTAC, with 20 million subscribers, has signed its first contract with Ericsson NASDAQ:ERIC to modernize its nationwide 2G, GSM/EDGE network, and prepare for mobile-broadband services based on WCDMA/HSPA and LTE/4G.

  • DTAC signs its first contract with Ericsson to modernize its 2G network
  • DTAC to meet Thailands growing data-traffic demand and get ready for 3G and LTE
  • Users to enjoy improved smartphone performance, faster web browsing and downloads

The operator will meet the demands that come with the countrys 30 percent annual growth rate in data traffic and fast mobile take-up, which is currently over 100 percent.

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The network modernization will Improve network capacity and enhance speeds so that Thai users can enjoy improved smartphone performance, faster web browsing and downloads, and better performance in busy areas.

The network modernization will improve network capacity and enhance speeds so that Thai users can enjoy improved smartphone performance, faster web browsing and downloads, and better performance in busy areas.

Rolf Marthinusen, CTO of DTAC, says: “This modernization will provide a more efficient and capable network that is well suited to todays demands, and readies us for 3G and 4G/LTE. This gives us a strong roadmap for years to come, so DTAC can continue to deliver leading services to Thai consumers and business users.

Through Ericssons combination of technology and services expertise we feel confident that this live upgrade of our network will be managed in a smooth way.”In order to facilitate DTACs technology migration, Ericsson will also support in managing the network during the first year of operation. Ericsson will also supply and integrate the Messaging in One platform, and provide network rollout and manage services during the first year of rollout and operation.

Joacim Damgard, President of Ericsson Thailand says: “Data traffic is growing in Thailand due to the increased use of smart phones and mobile broadband. To meet this trend and the increased expectations on user experience, its crucial to have a cost-effective and future-proof network.”This live upgrade of DTACs network is a large undertaking that makes Ericsson responsible for supplying, designing and rolling out a nationwide GSM/EDGE network.

By deploying the latest core and radio-access technology from Ericsson, DTAC will be ready to offer mobile-broadband services based on WCDMA/HSPA/LTE technology. The contract includes Ericssons RBS 6000 multi-standard radio base stations, MSC Server Blade Cluster and User Data Management, as well as its mobile packet core and circuit core solutions.The modernized network will utilize the latest equipment, shown to be more than 40 percent more energy-efficient than previous generations.

via DTAC prepares for data growth with Ericsson – Ericsson.

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