Financial experts at the Bank of Ayudhya said that even though the Thai currency this morning has slightly appreciated, the Euro zone debt crisis is posing a major concern for investors, weakening the confidence of Thai stocks and regional stocks.

The Thai currency is speculated to weaken today after opening at 32.54-56 THB/USD this morning. The opening value of the Thai currency is similar to the closing value on Friday evening last week at 32.55-56 THB/USD.  Following the Euro zone crisis, Spain recently lost its AAA Fitch Ratings credit grade.

via Thai currency opened at 32.54-56 THB/USD, speculated to weaken

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  1. by the end of 2010 will be good to buy Thai Baht (THB) currency as investment? are this a good idea to buy cheap now and in the future make profit of it/ thanks

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