Tax refund submissions in the government’s ‘first car’ scheme has reached nearly Bt100 billion in value.

Thailand’s Excise Department Director-General Somchai Poonsawat said the taxes the Thai government will have to refund to first car owners, at no more than Bt100,000/car, has so far reached Bt91 billion from about 1.25 million car owners, as of 4:30pm on December 31, the last day for refund submissions, but which can be done until midnight if submitted online.

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first car owners, at no more than Bt100,000/car, has so far reached Bt91 billion from about 1.25 million car owners

 Bt91 billion from about 1.25 million car owners

He said about 10 per cent of tax submission have been done through the internet, while sedans top the type of vehicles for which refunds are being sought at some 737,000 units, followed by other four-door vehicles and pick-up trucks.

Mr Somchai said about 5,000 first car owners submitted documents for tax refunds yesterday.

The Bt91 billion to be rebated is threefold higher than previously forecast, he noted.

About 47,000 persons have already been granted the refunds at the value of Bt3.4 billion.

The director-general said the government is expected to use around Bt20 billion to pay back the refunds from the 2013 fiscal year, from the earlier expected amount of Bt7 billion and Bt18 billion respectively.

Up to Bt35 billion is forecast to be spent for the ‘first car’ scheme in the 2014 fiscal year, he said.

Those wishing to submit documents online for refunds can log on through until midnight. (MCOT online news)

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