Thailand needs to act now to seriously develop alternative energy of all kinds in the face of a gradual decline in fossil-based fuel, higher energy prices and mounting concern over the global warming, according to experts in energy affairs.

Most experts shared a common view at a seminar on “Thailand’s Alternative Energy: Weather Crisis and Create Opportunities” that the country must begin to develop alternative energy sources regardless of whether it involves hydropower, oil, or nuclear in a tangible manner.

They noted although Thailand had a strategic plan for energy development in the next 15 and 20 years, it lacked collaboration between the agencies and companies involved, which resulted in a delay in the implementation of many energy development projects.


At the same time, some observers still believe that alternative fuel such as biodiesel B5 and gasohol would have a negative impact on vehicle engines. This view led to the low consumption of alternative fuel in Thailand although it was proven worldwide that the fuel had not affected the engines.

via MCOT English News : Thailand must develop alternative energy, say experts.

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