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Investment in Human Capital Key to Reducing Inequality in Thailand

90% of Thais believe the gap between rich and poor is a problem. And only 39% of Thais feel their standards of living are getting better.

World Bank



Thailand’s economy is thriving and is expected to grow by 3.9% in 2020. Growth was a high 4.1% in 2018 despite shocks to trade and tourism, but social and economic inequality remains high.

90% of Thais believe the gap between rich and poor is a problem. And only 39% of Thais feel their standards of living are getting better.

In Bangkok, household income grew 10% a year, far above the national average of 3.8%.

What can Thailand do to reduce inequality?

The biggest asset of Thailand is its people. And that’s why it will be very important to invest in the people of Thailand and that includes to ensure a good quality of education for children.

But also to ensure that health services address the challenges of the ageing population today.

And when we see how people contribute to growth, it is very important that they live healthy lives so they can be very productive.

Ensuring that people live healthy lives and reach their full potential will be not just important for long-term economic growth but also help families of Thailand to prosper.

A child born in Thailand today will reach only 60% of his or her potential, in terms of productivity and income.

And the 12.4 years of schooling that a child receives is equivalent in quality to just 8.6 years. Education quality is unequal, poorer areas are underserved.

What can Thailand do to achieve high-income status?

For Thailand to get to high-income through inclusive growth, Thailand can invest in human capital and also continue implementation of economic reforms.

To address inequality in educational outcomes, Thailand can do a number of things, for example, addressing the efficiency of public expenditure in education.

Secondly, consolidating small schools so that there are better teachers per school. Lastly by increasing the quality of school-based management.

On supporting medium-term growth in Thailand going forward, Thailand can continue implementation of large public infrastructure projects.

These would help connect the lagging regions, such as the north, northeast and south, to the central region and also to the larger ASEAN region in general.

If Thailand acts now, investments in human capital will have a lasting impact on lifting long-term growth, reducing inequality, and improving people’s lives.

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Thailand and ASEAN economic integration

Amidst global challenges politically and economically the ten members of Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN willl need even more economic strength and bargaining power globally.




The 34th ASEAN summit was held in Bangkok and one of the main aspect of the statement is to emphasize economic integration among the ten ASEAN members.

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Thailand tops UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) rank in ASEAN

Other ASEAN countries have also been ranked for their SDGs achievements, namely Vietnam at the 54th, Singapore at the 66th, Malaysia at the 68th, the Philippines at the 97th, Indonesia at the 102nd, Myanmar at the 110th, the Lao PDR at the 111th, Cambodia at the 112th

National News Bureau of Thailand



Sustainable Development

BANGKOK, 1 July 2019 (NNT) – The Prime Minister is satisfied with the latest Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ranking where Thailand’s is in 40th place and the highest placed country in ASEAN.

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Thailand’s Human Capital Key to Long-Term Growth

Investing in human capital and pursuing economic reforms is critically important for Thailand to become a high-income nation

World Bank



Amid a global slowdown and elevated trade tensions, the Thai economy is projected to grow by 3.8 percent in 2019 and 3.9 in 2020, according to the World Bank’s Thailand Economic Monitor released today.

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