China Matters' Feature: New Vitality in Chinese Economy and Culture

BEIJING, Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Since the beginning of 2023, China’s recovery has been the focus of global attention. Recently, the Financial Times reported, citing analysts from Goldman Sachs, that the Chinese economy entering the fourth quarter has “sprouted more green shoots.” Bloomberg believes that based on the momentum of the first three quarters, China’s 2023 economic growth target is within reach.

The vitality of China’s economy is directly related to its governing philosophy. This year, China has introduced a series of measures to support the private sector’s development. In Fujian Province, 95% of high-tech enterprises are privately-owned, and 70% of R&D achievements are created by private enterprises. Fujian’s lithium-ion power battery technology and ammonia refrigeration systems have reached world-leading levels. Meanwhile, China pursues high-level opening-up and shares the fruits of Chinese modernization with the world. With the assistance of China, domestically-produced new energy vehicles from Thailand have already hit the roads, and even served APEC meetings in Bangkok.

China’s philosophy of openness is not only evident at the economic level but also extends deeply into the cultural sphere. In early 2023, China proposed the Global Civilization Initiative, which advocates upholding the principles of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and inclusiveness among civilizations, promoting international people-to-people exchanges and cooperation and advancing the progress of human civilizations. The performance of Peking Opera by the mobile games captivates global players and instantly draws their attention to this world-class intangible cultural heritage.

The animation series Xi’s Thought Made Easy produced by China Matters focuses on a series of new concepts and policies China has adopted in recent years. China will continue to provide significant support for global growth and offer more opportunities for common development and prosperity among countries worldwide.



Source : China Matters' Feature: New Vitality in Chinese Economy and Culture

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