Chinese automotive industry has overtaken to supercars

GUANGZHOU, China, Oct. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On the evening of October 9th, China’s first supercar production line was officially put into production at Hyper in Guangzhou, and AION launched China’s first electric luxury supercar, Hyper SSR with 1.9s 0-100km/h acceleration, which is the world’s first production electric supercar with the world’s fastest acceleration. Meanwhile, we are amazing to see that we can’t see any western parts, all of parts of Hyper SSR are independently developed and manufactured in China.

China’s first supercar production line was officially put into production at Hyper in Guangzhou

Hyper has established partnerships with leading teams of China in the automotive, aerospace, aviation, high-end electronic, and cutting-edge material industries, and has created the leading Quark motor, magazine battery, long-fiber carbon ceramic brake discs, racing slick tires, and 900V silicon carbide chips, and so on. We have surpassed the West in the core technologies of electric drive and battery of NEVs.

Previously, China has not a say in automotive manufacturing, which is controlled by Europe, Japan and America. With the launch of China’s first supercar and the operation of China’s first supercar production line, we must realize that China is not only leading the market share of NEV segment, but also has owned the ability to compete with the western countries in cutting-edge manufacturing, and the era that Ferrari and Lamborghini monopolize the supercar segment has been ended by China.

Recently, Huawei launched a premium 5G smartphone, which triggered a popular discussion on whether the Chinese tech giant can break through the US blockade on chip technologies. China has demonstrated an increasing threat to the western NEV industry, it is time for the western NEV industry to get wary and take actions to follow our footprints.





Source : Chinese automotive industry has overtaken to supercars

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