Discover KAMI's Health and Wellness Products

KAMI offers health products for self-care, including a neck massager, a scalp massager with argan oil, wheatgrass juice, and localized adzuki bars. All products are made in Japan.

KAMI has many great products that we want customers to use for health. If you don’t have time to go to KAMI, you can use these products for self-care.

The first thing that we would like to introduce is “Body Recipe: Neck Fresh.” It is able to grasp and rub the body.  There are four protrusions on this item that aid in body relaxation. It is applicable to the neck, shoulders, and head. People who work and go on long business trips or travel for long periods of time. Those who are prone to neck pain can also benefit from this item. Moreover, it is able to be used during bathtime.

The next one is “Momirise Scalp Hand.” It can be used for the head. This is a tong-like head-catching frame with six fingers that catch the head. How to use this is Jiggle this around the crown of the head, from the hairline to the top of the head, to relieve stiffness. Then, lift the area around the temples with a tight, flowing rub, and the entire scalp is gently tapped to stimulate it comfortably. Additionally, this item includes Moroccan argan oil. Argan oil, also known as “Moroccan gold,” has long been used for skin care because of its rich cosmetic ingredients, including vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties, and oleic acid, which is a highly effective moisturiser. This is very beneficial for people who use their heads a lot, have migraines, or just want to relax during bath time.

The third one is wheat grass. According to a December 2010 World Health Organisation (WHO) study, Malaysia’s adult obesity rate ranks 6th in Asia (1st in Southeast Asia). Malaysian cuisine is diverse, including Chinese, Indian, Arabic, and Malay dishes, many of which are rich in oil. Such a diet lacks opportunities to eat vegetables. Whereat So we have prepared a green juice for your health. All the ingredients were produced in Japan. It also contains various healthful ingredients, one of which is the vegetable polyphenol quercetin. Adding quercetin to the green juice power of young barley grass and tomorrow leaf enhances its health maintenance power. There are also a variety of delicious recipes that use the powder to make it taste better for longer periods of time, since some people think it doesn’t taste very good just as a drink.

The last one we are selling is an Imuraya Azuki bar in our store. The popular “Adzuki-bar” series from Imamuraya has been completely localised for the Malaysian market while preserving its unique qualities. With Halal-certified ingredients, the sweetness and texture have been customised according to local tastes and preferences, allowing Muslims, who constitute about 60% of Malaysians, to enjoy the product with peace of mind. There are three types of flavours: red beans, milk, and matcha. Red bean flavour is Imuraya’s traditional method of carefully cooking azuki beans, which allows you to enjoy the true flavour of azuki beans. Milk flavour is delicious when combined with popular Japanese climy milk ice and red beans. Additionally, matcha flavour can be used in richly flavoured Uji matcha powder. so you can enjoy the elegant taste. 

All of the items introduced here are high-quality products produced in Japan. Why not try them when you come to KAMI and see what you like?

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