Grand Unveiling of 2023 "Floral Whisper along the Silk Road" Maritime Silk Road Cultural Journey in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In a grand celebration of culture and history, the 2023 "Floral Whisper along the Silk Road – Cultural Journey of Maritime Silk Road" promotion event was held in Singapore on October 17. Following the successful launch in Indonesia’s Cirebon, this event continued to strengthen cultural exchange and cooperation among the Maritime Silk Road cities.

“Floral Whisper along the Silk Road” Maritime Silk Road Cultural Exchange Delegation

The delegation, composed of representatives from the Guangzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, the Nanyue King’s Mausoleum Museum, and the Guangzhou Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, embarked on this cultural journey. They were joined by prominent figures including the Chair of the China Area of the Singapore National Travel Association, the Ambassador of Colombia to Singapore, scholars from the Singapore Zheng He Society, and Singapore National University, as well as renowned cultural figures and media reporters.

This event brought together various cultures and fostered closer ties, as the "Floral Whisper along the Silk Road" journey unveiled its vibrant colors in the renowned "Garden City." From October 12 to 20, the City Alliance for Maritime Silk Road Heritage Conservation and World Heritage Nomination , led by Guangzhou, embarked on a nine-day cultural journey across Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Singapore, as the second stop on this journey, holds a significant place in the history of Maritime Silk Road development, having witnessed the evolution of Maritime Silk Road culture.

The event featured a rich Maritime Silk Road photo exhibition, captivating promotional videos, lively discussions on Maritime Silk Road heritage conservation, and a unique "Mobile Museum" displaying the accomplishments of Maritime Silk Road culture and international collaboration. These activities drew the attention of numerous visitors, making a spectacular opening for the 2023 "Floral Whisper along the Silk Road – Cultural Journey of Maritime Silk Road" event in Singapore.The event served as a platform for cultural and artistic exchange with Singapore, featuring programs infused with Lingnan’s essence and Maritime Silk Road elements. As "Floral Whisper" made its way into Singapore, the "Southern Red Beans" Cantonese opera performance was seamless, and the Peranakan cultural dance display was captivating, leaving the audience continuously applauding and enthralled throughout the event, with excitement building to crescendos.

By establishing platforms for dialogue through cultural events like "Floral Whisper," Guangzhou aims to further engage in multi-dimensional, multi-sectoral, and multi-format exchanges and collaborations with regions along the Maritime Silk Road. They intend to develop the Maritime Silk Road Cultural Heritage Cooperative Protection and Transnational World Heritage Nomination Collaboration Mechanism. This event primarily focused on external cultural promotion, incorporating elements like exhibitions, memoranda, and performances. During the event, both sides signed a "Memorandum of Cooperation for Protection and Tourism Development of Maritime Silk Road Cultural Heritage." Additionally, cultural heritage preservation discussions and Maritime Silk Road promotion activities were organized to facilitate deeper engagement in heritage protection and collaborative nominations.

The "Mobile Museum" comprised four sections: Maritime Silk Road Impressions, Maritime Silk Road Thoughts, Maritime Silk Road Memories, and Maritime Silk Road Flavors. These unique experiences were seamlessly integrated into Singapore’s cultural landscape, weaving a comprehensive narrative of the Maritime Silk Road’s history.

The final stop of the 2023 "Floral Whisper along the Silk Road – Cultural Journey of Maritime Silk Road" promotion event will take place in Malacca, Malaysia, on October 19, marking the conclusion of this remarkable journey.

Source : Grand Unveiling of 2023 "Floral Whisper along the Silk Road" Maritime Silk Road Cultural Journey in Singapore

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