Longbridge launched "US Overnight Trading", enabling 24-hour trading of US stocks.

HONG KONG, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Longbridge Securities (Longbridge) announced the launch of “US Overnight Trading,” enabling 24-hour trading and meeting the growing demand of investors to access global markets better. Hong Kong investors can now trade US stocks during the daytime on working days in Hong Kong, combining pre-market and after-hours trading sessions, this service provides Hong Kong investors with a “5×24” trading service for US stocks throughout the day, offering more flexible trading options and a rich global investment experience.

Disrupting the habit of staying up late, investors can now trade at any time

Longbridge’s “US Overnight Trading” brings a new trading session for investors, allowing them to continue trading after the regular trading hours of the US stock market, catering to the changing dynamics of international markets and the needs of investors in different time zones. The overnight trading session is from 8:00 PM to 3:50 AM Eastern Time, corresponding to 8:00 AM to 3:50 PM Hong Kong Time (during Eastern Daylight Time) or adjusted by one hour during Eastern Standard Time, from 9:00 AM to 4:50 PM Hong Kong Time. Overnight trading, together with pre-market, regular market, and after-hours trading, forms the 24-hour trading cycle of the US stock market. Overnight trading follows the exchange holiday calendar and aligns with regular trading days, excluding holidays.

Overnight Trading also provides a unique opportunity for investors to hedge their positions before potential market risks arise. Investors can react promptly to global financial developments, adjust their investment strategies, and seize opportunities or mitigate risks. This initiative aims to meet the needs of investors from different time zones and geographical locations, providing more trading options for those who want to take advantage of cross-time zone opportunities or are unable to participate in daytime trading.

Supporting stock, ETF, and short selling, seize every investment opportunity

Longbridge supports night trading in stocks and ETFs. Currently, there are 55 initial securities available for “US Overnight Trading,” making Longbridge one of the brokers with the highest number of securities supporting “US Overnight Trading” in Hong Kong. To provide investors with clear information, Longbridge has added a “24H” label on the individual stock details page in their app, facilitating quick identification of securities eligible for overnight trading.

Introducing “US Overnight Trading” will further enhance the convenience of investment for Hong Kong clients and provide them with a more enriching investment experience in global markets. The spokesperson of Longbridge stated that they have observed a growing interest among Hong Kong investors in US stocks, but the time zone difference has posed challenges. Therefore, they have developed and launched the “US Overnight Trading” feature to meet the investors’ demand for more convenient access to global investments.

As a next-generation social brokerage from Singapore, Longbridge is committed to using innovative financial technology applications to create better investment tools for every investor. They aim to provide intelligent decision-making support for each investment and empower individuals to obtain a rich global investment experience with lower thresholds and fees.

Longbridge continues building a truly commission-free trading platform for Hong Kong and US stocks, offering over 32,000 tradable financial products, including stocks, US stock options, derivatives, ETFs, REITs, and funds. They strive to provide users with abundant global investment opportunities and high-quality services.

For more details about “US Overnight Trading” for US stocks, please refer to the Longbridge Securities official website – Help Center guide: https://support.longbridgehk.com/topics/marketdata/Overnight20230922?locale=en 

About Longbridge Securities

Longbridge Securities (Longbridge) is a next-generation social brokerage from Singapore. Founded in March 2019, Longbridge has obtained over 21 financial regulatory licenses or qualifications in Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, New Zealand, and other global locations. Longbridge Securities (Hong Kong) Limited (CE No: BPX066) holds licenses in Categories 1, 4, and 9 issued by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong. Longbridge is committed to innovative financial technology applications, aiming to create a more user-friendly platform for Hong Kong and US stock investments, empowering individuals to obtain a more enriching global investment experience with lower thresholds and fees.

Source : Longbridge launched "US Overnight Trading", enabling 24-hour trading of US stocks.

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