State Grid Binzhou Power Supply Company: "Electric Butlers" Escort the Rural Road to Prosperity

BINZHOU, China, Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In the golden season of the year with a balance of hot and cold, crispy pears are hanging on the green branches. In Jinyang Hundred-hector Pear Orchard of Yangxin county, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, crispy autumn air is flickering away with pear growers’ joy of bumper harvest. Also, electric employees left their marks of service in the fields.

Since September, in order to sustainably optimize service and promote the development of rural industry, the staff of State Grid Binzhou Power Supply Company have been "electric butlers" and actively providing services to help fruit growers carry out all-round steward comprehensive safety electricity inspection, eliminate the security risks, practice corporate responsibility with practical actions, supporting the revitalization of local characteristic agricultural industries throughout the entire process.

The top of a pear in Yangxin is like a duck head, hence its name "Ya Li". It was started in Sui and Tang Dynasty and became popular in Ming and Qing Dynasty. It has been cultivated for more than 1300 years. At present, there is a 100-hector pear orchard in Yangxin County, and the annual output amounts to 200,000 tons. There are 23 series and 56 types of pears, including Pear No.7, Whangkeumbae pear, Zaosu pear. Yangxin is truly the "hometown of Chinese pear".

"There are the days of pear harvest, with your help to check the electrical equipment, we can pick and store pears more securely." A villager named Guo Bingyi said enthusiastically to the employees who arrived on time.


In recent days, the staff of State Grid Binzhou Power Supply Company have been busy shuttling between pear orchard and the cold storage, carrying out comprehensive inspection of power lines and equipment in and around the orchard. Meanwhile, they know more about the situation of refrigeration and storage by talking with pear growers and try their best to satisfy the needs of the growers.

Characteristic agriculture is the key to rural industry revitalization and is also the only way for farmers to increase their income and get rich. The State Grid Binzhou Power Supply Company has always implemented the development concept of "rural revitalization, electric power first", served the development of local economy as its own responsibility, strengthened the service concept, optimized service measures, deepened service efficiency, providing a strong and reliable power guarantee for the multifaceted development of the economy in its hometown.

In the next, State Grid Binzhou Power Supply Company will continue visiting customers and grasping their demands for electricity so that they can be better "eclectic butlers" for fruit growers with more professional technology and light the road to rural revitalization and prosperity with closer service.

Source : State Grid Binzhou Power Supply Company: "Electric Butlers" Escort the Rural Road to Prosperity

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