Volvo Trucks delivered 14 Volvo FH to Wattanakol Transports for an Ambitious Cross-Border Project

BANGKOK, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Wattanakol Transports 2001 Co., Ltd., a prominent player in Thailand’s transportation industry, is making significant strides with the acquisition of 14 units of new Volvo FH trucks, a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in cross-border heavy haulage. These new additions include 10 trucks with 440 HP and 4 trucks with a powerful 610 HP, marking a significant expansion and diversification of their fleet.

Volvo FH in operation

A decade ago, Wattanakol Transports transitioned from general cargo transportation to heavy haulage to make Thai companies competitive in transporting large and heavy cargo. This marked a pivotal shift in the company’s trajectory. Currently, Wattanakol Transports is a distinguished company in the transportation industry, actively involved in construction projects in Laos. They contributed to the Hongsa Power Plant project, which involved over 10,000 trips for material transportation through Laos’ challenging terrain, emphasizing the indispensable role of Volvo trucks in the challenging terrain.

Mr. Annop Chuensomthoi, Wattanakol Transport’s owner said “Over 200 trips have been completed for this project, but challenging hills hinder progress. To enhance efficiency, we purchased a Volvo FH 610-HP truck due to its strength, engine power, ease of maintenance, strategic service centers, and readily accessible spare parts. Furthermore, the hassle-free maintenance, service centers strategically positioned along the transportation route, and the availability of action service and mobile service, including readily accessible spare parts, all contribute to Volvo’s appeal”

Wattanakol Transports has added 14 Volvo FH trucks to the Monsoon Wind Farm project in Southern Lao PDR, near the Vietnam border. The project, valued at over 50 billion Baht, involves the installation of 133 wind turbines to generate clean energy for export to Vietnam. The transportation of components is a challenging task, involving 1,500 trips and cargo dimensions exceeding 100 meters. The entire transportation process is expected to last 14 months, ending in October 2024.

The vast travel distance, starting from Laem Chabang Port and traversing over 800 kilometers to the border, followed by another 200 kilometers within Laos, results in a round trip of over 2,000 kilometers. Additionally, the mountainous terrain in Laos, constituting over 70% of the road network, posed challenges for the transportation team.

Mr. Martin Sommer, Vice President of Sales for Volvo Trucks Thailand, commented on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Volvo FH and the delivery of these trucks today. He stated, “Witnessing the intricate logistics involved in this extensive regional transport mission reaffirms the enduring excellence of the Volvo FH. With its driver comfort, fuel efficiency, safety features, and productivity, the Volvo FH continues to hold a flagship position. I take immense pride in the fact that the Volvo FH has been an integral part of this significant mission, propelling our customers’ businesses to new heights and earning global recognition. We firmly believe that the Volvo FH will continue to drive the success of Wattanakol Transports smoothly, aligning with their aspirations.”


Range Handover at Thailand
Range Handover at Thailand

Source : Volvo Trucks delivered 14 Volvo FH to Wattanakol Transports for an Ambitious Cross-Border Project

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