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Thai Prime Minister to propose reconciliation plan to solve crisis

Boris Sullivan



Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajiva told the Japanese press Sunday he will propose a reconciliation plan to resolve the political turmoil in which the timeframe for House dissolution may be reduced to less than nine months.

Mr Abhisit was interviewed by Japanese media including NHK, Kyodo, Asahi, Yomiuri Shimbun and Jiji Press in Bangkok Sunday. He said he would propose a reconciliation plan in the next few days.The timeframe for House dissolution in his reconciliation plan may be cut to less than nine months.

Nine months is the original timeframe he earlier proposed during talks in March with top Red Shirt leaders in an attempt to find a solution for the political crisis, but it is far from what the Red Shirts are seeking and two rounds of talks between two sides failed to end the conflict.

The prime minister added that he would give more interviews to the international media, apart from his previous interviews with CNN and BBC, in a bid to make the government’s security and political solutions acceptable among the international community.

The Red Shirts have encamped at Ratchaprasong, a high-end commercial area since April 3, demanding that the prime minister dissolve the House and call a snap election.

“We believe we can do that (easing the political upheaval) by doing two things simultaneously. First, there is a political solution of some kind of a road map to achieve reconciliation….and secondly is that we have to make sure that the law is upheld, ” he said in the interview on Sunday.

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