This is a critical time for Thailand, with the country recovering from the recent political events of April and May and preparing for elections next year.

We have made it through a sad and painful period for Thailand, and today, I’d like to share my thoughts on what we can learn from the events of the past few months, and how I feel that the public and private sectors, the diplomatic community and the media, should work together to position Thailand to bounce back once again and prove its resilience. The perception of Thailand in the eyes of the world impacts all aspects of the Kingdom, from the jobs and incomes generated by the tourism industry, to the level of foreign direct investment, to the number of businessmen who travel to Thailand to do business with Thai companies and drive the growth of the economy.

It is of vital importance to the health of the Thai economy and Thailand’s 65 million citizens that the state of affairs in Thailand is depicted as accurately and as responsibly as possible around the world.People watching the news from their home in the US or Europe need to have a balanced understanding of events taking place in Thailand. This is where I strongly feel that the foreign diplomatic community and the media, who play a major part in framing the message, have a leading role to play.

via Bangkok Post : Way forward for a stronger, tourist-friendly nation.

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