Thailand Investment – Oakwood Worldwide, the leading, global temporary housing provider, has officially announced the soft opening of its new serviced apartments for business travellers and family called Oakwood Residence Garden Towers Bangna – the first international class serviced residence in the Bangna district of Bangkok – ideally located at the

Oakwood launches new serviced apartment in Bangna

The 2008 Thai real estate market is fairly robust. However, any thorough analysis requires detailed supply and demand studies of each specific area. A thorough analysis will indicate the market risks associated with each location. The Impact of 2008 Global Financial Crisis on Thai Real Estate is invevitable. The 2008 US global financial crisis is impacting global financial and real-sector economies devastatingly. Because Thailand is inextricably linked to the global economy, it will also inevitably experience its ill-effects

oakwood residence

Oakwood launches new serviced apartment in Bangna

Falling consumer confidence : The slowing global economy together with unstable local political and economic environments will result in falling consumer sentiment and confidence in Thailand. Consumers will delay home purchases because they will be unsure of current and future incomes – directly affecting real estate demand. The general public will also begin losing confidence in the financial sectors, although not as severely as in foreign countries. The 2008 global financial crisis has directly and indirectly impacted the Thai Real Estate Market . As Global Financial Crisis a result, it has also adversely affect the real estate market even though the industry has strengthened immensely since the 1997 financial crisis. The crisis – caused disposable – income decreases will result in falling consumer sentiment and confidence and the postponement of any purchasing decisions on the Thai Real Estate Market . Although the overall environment may be negative for many housing developers, those with good reputations, strong balance sheets and operating efficiencies may use the opportunity to gain market share.

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