Advanced Info Service (AIS) might not include the 3G-2.1GHz business-development strategy in next year’s business plan, given that it is still uncertain when the 3G spectra licences will be available.

AIS chief executive officer Wichian Mektrakarn made the remark at the seminar “Business opportunity in the 3G era” held yesterday by Nation Broadcasting Corporation.

iphone_dtac_truemoveThana Thienachariya, chief commercial officer of Total Access Communication (DTAC), said that even if the licences were auctioned next year, it would still be some time after the initial investment before DTAC began to realise any revenue from 3G services.

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), which plans to auction four 3G wireless broadband licences, is waiting for the Council of State to confirm its legal authority to grant the

via AIS and Dtac again call for 3G decision –

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