Bangkok Bank, in collaboration with China UnionPay (CUP), the largest credit card and debit card provider in China, has introduced Bangkok Bank China UnionPay as Thailand’s first platinum credit card widely accepted in China, Hong Kong, Macau and 31 other countries worldwide.

Bangkok Bank Credit Card Division Manager Shoke Na Ranong said that working with China UnionPay or CUP, the largest credit card and debit card provider in China; to create Bangkok Bank China UnionPay' was another important step for Bangkok Bank credit card services. Bangkok Bank China UnionPay is Thailand’s first platinum credit card offering the same privileges as local Chinese receive.

Thai cardholders will receive the same privileges as local Chinese.

“This emphasises Bangkok Bank’s success and leadership in continuous financial innovation, including credit cards using modern technology. In 2005, the bank replaced magnetic stripes with EMV-chip technology in its credit cards while developing compatible merchant credit card payment terminals. In 2008, we launched the Bangkok Bank Blue Wave credit card, a contactless credit card and launched EMV-chip technology in its debit cards in 2009.

All becoming the first bank in Thailand to provide both EMV-chip technology and contactless technology in a credit card, giving customer’s security in their credit card spending. The Bangkok Bank China UnionPay credit card will launch on February 2010 coincides with Bangkok Bank’s recent receipt of a license from the Chinese government to operate Bangkok Bank China, a locally incorporated bank in China, which will open on December 28, 2009. We will be

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