CenCar Co, the local operator of Carrefour hypermarkets, yesterday signed an agreement with suppliers and farmers to widen its product line in response to health-conscious consumers.

Patrick Bonnifait, the company's merchandise director, said the popularity of Carrefour Quality Line (CQL) products had been increasing every year because of concern for good health.

CQL was initiated in Thailand in 2000 to respond to customers concerned with food safety. Pork has been a success story with its sales accounting for more than 40% of CQL product sales. CQL fruit represents 20% of all fruit sold in Carrefour.


CQL now has more than 100 products in six categories: vegetables, fruit, pork, shrimp, fish and fragrant rice.

The CQL logo is stamped on fresh food as a guarantee of quality and safety, and that no chemicals or harmful contaminants were used in its production. The CQL line in France makes up 30-40% of total sales.

In Thailand, CQL products make up 5% of fresh product sales. However, it found the proportion of pork purchased with a CQL logo was now 30-40%, on par with France, while shrimp was 10%.

via Carrefour expands healthy line.

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