The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand is working out a plan for necessary reserves of medical supplies, as a number of drug-producing factories have been hit by the flooding.

Public Health Minister Wittaya Buranasiri has instructed the Food and Drug Administration and the Government Pharmaceutical Organization to check the damaged flood-hit drug factories and the list of medical supplies produced by the affected factories. He said that imports of certain drugs would be needed to prevent possible shortages. The Cabinet would be asked to give the green light to the imports.

Empty Seven Eleven Store in Bangkok
Empty Seven Eleven Store in Bangkok

The Government Pharmaceutical Organization has already coordinated imports of certain drugs, and it has also asked the affected factories to help make up for the shortfall by finding other factories to produce for them. Thailand Post Company has offered to transport drugs to all areas nationwide to ensure that they would be available.

The Thai Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association is also working closely with the Government Pharmaceutical Organization in distributing medical supplies to consumers in order to prevent shortages.

As for consumer products, the Government has asked food factories to increase production and it also allowed extra imports of consumer goods. A product distribution center has been opened at Don Mueang, and more will be opened elsewhere, such as in Chon Buri and Nakhon Ratchasima. The Government believed that food supply shortages would ease within one week.

As for water supply, the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority has reaffirmed that it still produces tap water without any disruption and that its tap water is safe for drinking and meets the standard of the World Health Organization. The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority’s hotline is 1125.

In related news, Thailand has also received donations of water purification units from other countries, and the units have been sent to various evacuation centers to help flood victims. Local manufacturers have also been asked to produce more bottled drinking water.

Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Electricity Authority also ensured that it would be able to sustain electricity supply for local people. For public safety, it urged people to use electricity with caution during the flooding. Its hotline is 1130.

via Inside Thailand — Drug and Consumer Goods Imports to Prevent Possible Shortages Due to Flooding.

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