Thailand’s largest hospital group will set up a hospital in Myanmar next year to profit from the country’s expanding economy, a senior company official announced last week.

Dr Chatree Daungnet, vice president and chief executive of Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Plc (BGH), told the Bangkok Post on Saturday, December 22 that the company hopes Myanmar will improve regulations related to acquiring land, transfering money and business ownership by the time BGH establishes a local branch in 2013.

Bangkok Hospital
Thailand to become a medical metropolis or ‘Medicopolis’, focusing on complete medical care services

Although BGH has already completed a feasibility study in Myanmar, the company’s plans for developments have been stalled by a lack of clarity over economic regulations, the report said.

However, BGH has confirmed that it will still proceed with plans to establish a hospital in Myanmar next year.

“Patients from Myanmar coming for medical services at our hospitals in Thailand now rank second to the UAE. This means [Myanmar] has strong potential,” Dr Chatree told the Bangkok Post.

Thai newspaper The Nation recently selected BGH as its top pick in the Thai healthcare sector.

via Thailand’s BGH to move into Myanmar.

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