The Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) is to buy grade-A dried cannabis flowers from community enterprises at 45,000 THB per kilogram.

The Plao-Ploen herbal development center in BuriRam province is the first community enterprise selected by the GPO.

Thai law does not permit individuals to cultivate cannabis so, in order to grow cannabis legally, farmers have to form a community enterprise.

There are currently 82 community enterprises approved to grow cannabis for research and medical purposes, in both traditional and modern medicine, by Thai Food and Drug Administration.

There are also another 3 community enterprises already passed assessment, and the number of such entities is expected to increase rapidly.

GPO director-general, Dr. Witoon Danwiboon, said that GPO will buy grade-A dried cannabis flowers, which contain CBD (Cannabidiol) higher than 12% (by weight), at 45,000 THB per kilogram, grade-B (CDB at 10-11.9%) at 37,000 to 43,125 THB per kilogram and lower grade which contain CBD at 8 – 9.9% at 30,000 to 35,625 THB.

The price, however, might be adjusted in the future.

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