According to english daily newspaper, Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya, who will represent Thailand in addressing the UN body says that:
Russia, India and China might have backed Cambodia’s aggression against Thailand on February 4. But sot far no proof or evidence has been produced by Thailand to sustain Kasit accusations

Thailand will finally face off with Cambodia over the recent military clashes, at the United Nations Security Council next week, after earlier insisting that the border conflict be settled only at the bilateral level.

Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya, who will represent Thailand in addressing the UN body on Monday, yesterday launched a scathing attack on Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, calling him a “bully boy”.

“Cambodia has only a single objective – to have the Preah Vihear [World Heritage designation] and claim the 4.6 square kilometres of disputed area,” Kasit said at a seminar held by the Senate’s committee yesterday.

Russia, India and China might have backed Cambodia’s aggression against Thailand on February 4, and now Cambodia is taking the issue to the UN Security Council.

“Although Cambodia is creating the perception that it is being harassed by Thailand and trying to win sympathy from the international community, Thailand will not allow Hun Sen, a bully boy, to bully Thailand,” Kasit said.

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BP: Now, when Kasit previously called Hun Sen a vagrant and mentally unbalanced (amongst other insults), at least he did before he became Foreign Minister.

This time, what is his excuse? Now, the problem is not what he called Hun, which btw he didn’t say bully boy – a more accurate translation of ”เด็กเกเรตอแยอยู่ข้างบ้าน” would be naughty/misbehaving boy next door who makes a nuisance of himself – as well frankly Hun Sen and Kasit only tolerate each other as they have too, but well Russia and China are permanent members of the Security Council (permanent members have a veto).*

Well-known UN reporter Matthew Lee’s sources say that two Security Council Members had wanted the Security Council to convene a meeting and if you read between the lines Russia appears to be one of them so perhaps Kasit is just reflecting what he is being told by Thai diplomats in New York.

Nevertheless, why say publicly that they were backing Cambodia’s aggression against Thailand without providing proof of this. If Kasit had some form of evidence then that is one thing, but he is almost speaking off-the-cuff here. It is embarrassing.

*Almost all other newspapers (Naew Na and ASTV Manager) say Kasit said France and not China, but France is also a permanent member.

Read the original here:
Are Russia and India backing Cambodia’s aggression against Thailand?

China called again for calm and restraint from both Cambodia and Thailand on Thursday to prevent an escalation of border tensions between the two southeast Asian countries.

Preah Vihear
Where are the Russians, and the Indians ?

China calls for calm, restraint from Cambodia, Thailand

“Cambodia and Thailand are China’s friendly neighbors. After clashes broke out, China has maintained close contact with the two sides and has persuaded them to resolve disputes through consultation,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said at a regular news briefing.

As to the United Nations Security Council meeting on Feb. 14 to discuss the border dispute and Cambodia’s call for UN peacekeepers to the border region, Ma said: “we are aware of the reports and will keep in touch with the relevant parties.”

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  1. When there is an arguing among two people, each one always say he/she is right and if there was no solution to their differences they need to find a mediator if the issues still not solve then finally they have to go to court. How about the two countries when they arguing about land which was already mapped for over 100 years since 1904 and 1907 and both sides are claiming their ownership, then the solution is finding the mediators or finally going to court is the best solution for both countries, they should not go to war which surely cause both sides no good and the most important thing is that Cambodia will not get influence by other country that it will depend on.

  2. Oh yeah, Russia, China, India – everybody have of course huge interest in a Buddhist temple lost somewhere in the jungles on Thai-Cambodian border… Surprisingly, he has not brought Nicaragua, Botswana or even polar bears of Antarctica into this “coalition of evil”

  3. It looks liike the work of the “Third Hand.” Just look who has the most to gain politicaly by war between the two countries and you have the answer. Regardless if it gets out of hand, both countries can say goodbye to tourism and more investment.

  4. I have seen several news relating to the conflict among the two countries. Cambodia asked for UN or other international organization to intervene but why Thailand doesn’t want?

    In this situation, the two countries should use international intervention to solve the problem. The problem should be able to solve in front of UN or ASEAN.

    God bless the two countries.

  5. Why Thailand does not honor the court decision of listing Preah Vihear as a World Heritage site?
    Why Thailand does not want any other country to mediate? Is it because Thailand wants to use force to solve this conflict? Why does Abhisit afraid of having UNESCO officials visiting the site? Why does he refuse to let UN forces to settle at the site until the issue is solved once and for all. Mr. Abhisit is in fact the “bully boy” not the Cambodian side.

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