Thailand’s Board of Investment (BoI) Secretary-General Atchaka Sibunruang on Friday revealed that the number of investment projects applying for investment promotions reached 413 with a total investment value of Bt135.8 billion in the first four months of 2010 (January-April).

The number of projects surged by 53.5 per cent from 269 in the same period last year although investment value edged up by only 1 per cent from Bt134 billion.

Despite lingering political crises, foreign investors still show confidence in Thailand’s potential growth.

It showed many foreign investors still had confidence in Thailand’s potential growth.

In April, the number of investment project totaled 106 with an investment value of Bt26.7 billion, an increase of 80 and 86 per cent from the same month the year before.

BoI indicated that the ongoing political crisis had not yet be affected the investment, but if political tensions were resolved, it would contribute positively to the investment atmosphere.

Businesses for which investors seek promotional privileges with the highest investment value include service and public utility with 115 projects and investment value of Bt77 billion; vehicles, machinery and metals with 85 projects and value of Bt20 billion; processed agricultural products and  foods with 68 projects and a value of Bt17 billion; and electronic products with 63 projects and a value of Bt9 billion.

She said foreign direct investment (FDI) projects seeking investment promotions in the first four months of this year had the investment value of Bt53 billion, up 140 per cent from Bt22 billion in the corresponding period last year.

Mrs Atchaka attributed the increased FDI to the global economic recovery and more foreign investor confidence in Thailand.

Japanese investors remain the most active applicants with an investment value of Bt26 billion.

via BoI investment promotions surge in January-April.

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