CNN Travel Facebook Poll lists seven Thai dishes among World’s 50 Best Foods

CNN Travel readers list seven Thai dishes among World’s 50 Best Foods on its Facebook poll. The list is a reformatted and republished version of the original article published in 2011.

Facebook message for struggling publishers : if you’re failing it’s probably your fault

“If you are a publisher who feels like Facebook is not good for your business, you shouldn’t be on Facebook,” company executive Campbell Brown said in February

E-Commerce in Southeast Asia : Thailand VS Vietnam VS Malaysia Who is leading the market?

The study shows Thai people have the highest interaction per 1K fan, garnering a score of 237.6. This is followed by Vietnam with 208.9, and Malaysia with 109

Forget Apps : Web Browsers Are Internet Gatekeepers for the ‘Next Billion’

The people who have come aboard in the past few years are spending their time in something that was overshadowed long ago in developed countries by apps: the mobile web browser.

Global Social Media Statistics Summary 2016

Social networks are now so well established, that there are now a…

Forget Facebook and Twitter : young Asians prefer Mobile chat apps

Line has a reported 33 million users in the kingdom, making up the majority of Thailand’s mobile population. It is one of Line’s largest markets in Southeast Asia.

Facebook drives Globalization for Individuals and SME

The biggest of online platforms have grown to a scale never before seen, and their users are increasingly international.