A national population survey indicates that the number of “divorce” cases is increasing in Thai families in conjunction with a growing trend towards living separately after an unsuccessful relationship.

The result of this situation is a phenomenon known as the “single parent family”, when a single father or single mother takes on the primary role of raising children after a divorce.

Apart from the family adjustments involved, important legal questions, at the level of national policy, present themselves: How can judicial applications help this disturbing predicament ?

Somchai Preechasilpakul, a legal expert at Chiang Mai University, conducted research supported by Heinrich Boll Stiftung-Southeast Asia titled “The Thai Legal System and Single Motherhood in Thailand”, to study the allocation of responsibilities in raising a child after a divorce occurs and whether the legal system can alleviate this problem.

This research focuses on whether the Thai judicial system can help single-parent families integrate into normal life. A large part of this complex problem is shouldered by women because a single mother usually takes responsibility for raising the child after a divorce.

via Divorce in Thailand.

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