If forced to choose between giving up sex or going without their iPhones, 15 percent of people said they would rather forgo between-the-sheets action for a weekend than part with their beloved mobile gadgets. Perhaps women were surveyed.

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Joking aside, the eyebrow-raising finding is legit and comes from a recent survey commissioned by gadget reseller Gazelle.

The results, not at all scientific in nature, represent a 1,000-person pool of Gazelle customers who have traded in at least one iPhone.

“This is Darwinism at its finest. The nerds are weeding themselves out of the breeding process,” said my astute colleague Jolie O’Dell on the survey results.

The no-sex nugget might be a tad misleading when you check out the actual questionnaire.

Consumers were asked, “Which of these things would you give up for a weekend if the alternative was not being able to use your iPhone during that time?,” and the options were coffee, chocolate, laptop/computer, shower, spouse, kids, or sex. Sadly, a large percentage of people (18 percent) were willing to forgo showers for a weekend.

Also no surprise here: iPhone owners wanted to be with their mobile devices more than they wanted uninterrupted access to the world’s largest social network. When asked which device or platform they would not be able to live without, 65 percent of survey respondents chose iPhone. Less than 1 percent of respondents said they could not live without Facebook.

In some scary (but not surprising) news, 85 percent of iPhone owners said they used their tiny companion while going to the bathroom, according to Gazelle’s survey. Worse still, nearly 4 percent of people said they’ve used their iPhone during sex. No wonder sex is so replaceable.

via 15% of iPhone owners would rather give up sex than go without their phones | VentureBeat.

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